Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Week 5

Wow. I don’t even know where to start with this one. The week was going kind of slow but then today happened. Can you imagine leading worship in a foreign language to a sea of thousands of beautiful brown skinned seeking people? I had the privelage of lading a song that me and Scott just wrote by fluke last week. It was awesome. Mary and Heather led out with me and we had a group of nationals help us out while Brother Humphrey played. Itn was awesome. It was such a simple progression and such simple words but it was powerful and even though singing in English was kind of weird because they didn’t really sing along… it was still cool because how many times in my ife will I get to worship with 3,000 Tanzanians. So awesome.

This all went down at the crusade and then there was more music, and more music. Brother Humphrey tore it up. Okay so here are a few things you don’t see at your average American revival… or any where in America for that matter.

1. Worship in Tanz: A sea of people dancing and singin as if it were the thing to do during praise and worship. They do not hold back! It is awesome… They jump around and move side to side and do kicks and dips and claps… It is incredible how much fun they have without holding back. Its like Jesus reggae music. Its so fun. Its my favorite part of church in Tan. And in this culture dancing is not really lustful so that knocks off all nervousness around the people because moving your hips and getting your wiggle on is all good in this hood! Pure fun!

2. African Midget musical phenomena’s: Okay so there’s this Christian Tanzanian worship team that includes one main guy, a couple girls for back up and they’re main act: 3 African midgets! They are amazing. The first night of the crusade when they came out the crown rushed the stage… almost like a Selena concert. I heard it was crazy. They’re like the hype of the town around here.

3. Me and Becca as celebrities: So the children crowd around me as if I had something to give them? They grab onto me and hold on tight! They sing to me out of no where conjuring up ever ounce of English they can find in they’re little Swahili vocabulary. When we pull up in our land cruisers they climb onto them and look inside just to see us. When we leave they run after the cars… even while getting in the cars they yell out their “I love you’s!” and “Ill see you towmorrow’s” and its awesome…. I want to bring them all home, but I know that’s not possible. Imagine just standing somewhere minding your own business and 60 kids are all of a sudden swamped around you as if they were waiting for you to do something. Its as if the children’s church comes to you. Having lighter skin already gives you favor with the kids here.

Of course all of the thunder gets stolen when Peter and his friend “Gomez” roll up on their dirtbikes. Then they swmp them… but th little Tanzanian girls don’t care much for piki pikis so they stick by us wazungu women. So Peters friend Gomez is quite the mixture as well… his mom if half Tanzanian and half german and his father is german. He is full blooded beautiful. I don’t know if I have ever seen such an intriguing person in Tanzania yet… well, beside this woman Rebecca from our church her. Her fathers Jamaican and her mothers English. Shes fromt the U,K and shes to die for…. Like the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen (besides Deb Mapes… shes pretty hot. They say I resemble her… hmm?) . She speaks so beautifully too. English accent and all. Well, Gomez’s real name is Ngomi.. Peter named him Gomez… they’ve been friends since 84. Dang! I was -1! Whoops! He’s a really nice guy with a nice sense of humor and he cleans up well too. We all cleaned up for indo tonight… all the girls went out and Peter treated us to dinner and to the presence of our new friend Ngomi… one HUGE problem… Hes not on the J-train. L He goes to church and says he’s a believer but his lifestyle begs to differ… I may be a missionary, but I aint nobodys missionary dater! Ya feel me? Well, he’s gonna be hanging out with us a little bit when Peter leaves to Damascus on Saturday so I’m sure my Jesus will rub off on him and he’ll hop on. But I have no intention on living in Africa for the rest of my golden days so it’s a good thing white men raised in Tanzania find American women as prized possessions… Peter KNOWS Marys a gem! Once you find a city girl… you cant let her go! So if I do marry a white African or in his case “mixed”, he’ll be comin to the motha land… America… land of the fat and home of the shallow… lol… no I love our country but we do have to get our priorities in order… that’s a whole OTHER blog!

I better get to bed and have my quiet time… I only got 2 months to get this Amazon creature of the East African plains saved… lol. He’ll be coming to a potential wedding in December so you will all get to see firsthand… Now that I think about it… hes very Californian looking… most of us are mixed anyway so i bet he looks like a few people we know. I just haven’t seen my kind in a while so it was a nice treat. Lol… He likes girls who hunt so I don’t know…. I may not be his type.. I don’t kill innocent zebras and lions for fun!!!! But dang, he’s loaded… he works for a company that a lot of wazungu support… I aint saying I’m a gold digga, but I ‘aint messin’ with no broke… you know what. lol

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Debbie Maples said...

Meggie - Im so proud of you. You are experiencing the fullness of God in a beautiful land. Hearing your heart brings tears to my eyes. Sweetie nothing is a precious as the sweetness of God in your life - knowing you are walking in obedience and living your purpose. Nothing is also as miserable as walking outside of his plan... Keep on walkin...