Thursday, February 16, 2006

???"Shoulda been an A-G Missionary"???

A few years back when I was in youth group we would go to youth conventions and summer camps and stuff with the church and there were these ridiculously inappropriate yet hilarious advertisements for AG missionary support. They'd show broke down misisonaries walkin on the side of the road... then they'd show another group driving in a nice SUV. Then as the nice SUV drives on by the broke down missionaries look at eachother and say... "I shoulda been an AG missionary"... then fade to black. LOL. Well, none of the missionaries I live with are AG, and lifes pretty sweet for us... we're not suffering or lookin broke down at all! Sometimes our SUV breaks down... but thats about it. Today we had to hand pump something under the hood to get the it started. So there's Becca and Jill are holdin it down under the hood! Independent women! :) It was a "shoulda been an A-G missioanry" moment to say the least! :P

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