Wednesday, June 11, 2008

smt adventures!

i'm a part of something spectacular this summer!

p.s. that's me and my awesome team in maui a few weeks ago. booyah.

Monday, June 02, 2008


when i first came to loma i found refuge in a handsome, lanky kid with a mohawk who i soon came to know as "j-bo" which later got shortened to "bo-bo" which turned into now just "bo". justin bordley, chemistry/christian ministry double major extraordinare, would become one of my best friends during/post my time at plnu and we would share so many amazing memories... including but not limited to, dance parties (too many to count), gospel choir adventures, bsu shennanigans, family dinners, family breakfasts, conversations about life, love, liberty, missions, homeless, the church, kissing, not kissing, b-friends, g-friends, dating, not dating, chemistry, ministry, the rich, the poor, the inbetween over lunches in the caf or other random places in our world. he would be the one to see me on the way not to class and then convince me to go.

no he hasn't died or anything... he's on a plane to africa. to tanzania. to moshi. to shanty town on the base of mt. kilamanjaro where i spent some of the most developemental times in my life... this place with mary and peter and jill and alice... and all the emmanuel center boys... it shaped me... it brought me to who i am and where i am today. i've chosen not to go back because there are other oppurtunities i need to/want to engage in while i can... but he and i would talk of our hearts for africa and just a little pebble of a vision has caused a ripple affect that has taken him there... i'd like to call him my proxy. :) i can't be there... and part of me wishes i could. most of me wishes i could be in like 5 different places at once this summer, but i'm sure my experiences would be comproomised and henceforth cheapened.

needlesstosay (sidenote, why when we say "needlesstosay" we still feel the need to say what we were needing to say in the first place? we are odd and wordy) justin or bo, is starting an amazing journey that will be such a pivotol landmark in who he is towards ministry and jesus and people and roommates and the rich and the poor and the white and the african and all that's between. my thoughts are with him. my huge, sporadic prayers are as well. so is my envy of his journey. and my joy that one little conversation with a missionary named mary while standing in a blockbuster in bunk-ass pinole california led me, my heart, and the hearts and bodeis of my friend her way all the way to tanzania east africa. shangalia tanzania. karibu justin. nini naku penda sana.