Monday, May 31, 2010

Freedom and Obedience

Don't we all obey something or someone?
Aren't we more free when we obey something bigger than us?
Why do we sometimes live as if submission to Love is the destruction of our liberty?

Saturday, May 29, 2010


I've become a fan of Steve Nash. Go game 6.
I've been eating more eggs.
I've been getting excited about summer time.
been dreaming up new ideas for life with my roomie/partner in communal crimes Kaley.
getting excited about tying up the final ribbons and bows on projects with brother and Bryan.

Carrying around a puppet called Blake Nelson the Second.
Watching Weeds.
Passing Statistics.

Learning the value of finishing the things you have started. Because they are good and it's a big step in one's character to follow through with excellence. It sounds so simple but it's so much more simple to talk about the grandiose plans for your future. It makes you feel all warm inside with blankets of epiphany and freshly polished rose tinted sun glasses. But... it's better to just do good things every day. And if you can't finish them in one day, then every day work towards finishing them.

My sunflowers are growing. They are growing because we took the seeds out of the little case they were sitting in and planted them in good soil. Then we came back to them every day and took care of them. And now they are beautiful and tall. No flowers yet... but I expect good things.

I have a book called the Daily God Book and every day it talks about Daily God things and my favorite thing I read from it this week said: Your response to something that happens is much more important than the something that happened.

My response to seeds is what makes flowers.
My response to road rage is what prevents car accidents.
My response to sunshine is being shiny and brown.
My response to hard work is what builds oppurtunity.
My response to summer is love.

That's all for now.

Oh, congratulations to all my friends who graduated college. I love you and look forward to building with you.