Thursday, February 16, 2006

Another day in the life...

Today was another awesome day in school assemblies. All of the schools so far have welcomed us with open arms and even let us talk about the love of God. But this school by far was the most welcoming as far as the kids and teachers loving on us. They had a blast with us and totally welcomed us with WIDE OPEN ARMS!!! Gosh, these are priceless memories! You'll notice in the pic to the right a muslim girl... that girl heard about the love of God today in a way she has never heard before... she even stood up in from of the crowd of 500 plus kids and did the motions to a fun kids worship song with us. Priceless, absolutley priceless.
Our guys had an awesome time with the kids today. They all did such a great job again! I have such a tight squad... Christian did his "you are able to beat lifes 'Goliaths'" message again and he hit home... Scott did most of the MC'ing and intros (the kids love him!) and John was an awesome Goliath again! Every person plays such an important roll in making these assemblies work. Between all of us leading songs together to having the interns pull kids out of the crowd for drama and stuff... we all put a lot of team work into this to make sure it goes awesome. But ultimately we've seen how the power of the love of God though has touched these kids lives. It is that alone that has brought success to these assemblies thus far. Here's to many more!! :)

Look at these beautiful faces... being here makes me think of a song by a wise young emcee Frank Naeborn ala Youngfart... I mean Youngstar :) ... "I-I-I Love my life, I-I-I love my life..." and so the song goes... :P

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