Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Schools and Mountain Churches

Church on the mountain:
Today we went up Mt. Kila to minister at Rehema’s dad’s church. Rehema is one of our fiends from church that does lot of translating for us. She’s also a worship leader on the team with Mary. It was such a bumpy ride… but it was fun… John preached on John 17 and 15… the main message was about Jesus being the vine and we are the branches. Being one with Christ so we can be whole as people… it was powerful. Man… as I sit in this room typing Dennae and Scott are talking about when we all leave. I’m gonna miss them so much, I’m leaving before them all. That makes me so sad. We’re only half way through but it’s gone by so fast we know the end is coming… I’ll be back soon enough. Below is a pic of the team in the dala dala on the way up the mountain. To the right is John preaching and Rehema interpreting.

Above: I picked a little boy named Michael out of the crowd tody to play David. He did so good! Look, Goliath is defeated!
School Assemblies: Priceless
Today we went into 2 elementary schools to do school assemblies. IT WAS AWESOME. Christians in charge of the children’s ministry aspect of the internship and that’s definitely a stretch for him because he’s just now developing his leadership skills. He’s never done public speaking or anything so to hear him speak to and encourage all those children today was such a break through. Our theme was “you are able”. Self esteem in this culture is a real issue for many children. They don’t have any… pretty much… sad but true. So we wanted to emphasize to them that they are able to do whatever they have in mind to do with their lives. I’m in charge of the drama area of the internship so when we do assemblies I get the kids involved with whatever skits we are doing… I pull them out of the audience and they just love it! So today we did David and Goliath. John played Goliath and we pulled kids out to be the Philistines and the Israelites. It was hilarious! It was so fun… We taught them how to act it out and they had to do it front of all of their classes. It was so good… it was a priceless experience.

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