Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Pole Dada!

Here's the ultimate "pole dada"... lol! Sorry Sister! :P I'm home safe now! Ive seen the beautiful golden gate for 3 days in a row now with no fog! Although its rained for 30 days strait in this part of the bay... folks are starting to get depressed and stuff! :( Oh well, I'm not! I'm thrilled ot be home... I even started a nerts clan.... Ive already got Mayra addicted and John, David, Court and the twins all know how to play now! Woop woop!

Moral of the story.... I hope every one else arrived back in the states safely. Congrats HB. I miss you Scotty! I love you Besty! Everyone in Tanz keep me posted in the haps! I turn 21 this Sunday! I'm getting old... pole dada... :P

Thanks for all the encouragement and prayers for safe journey. Thanks Zoe for the hilarious Kodak moment.