Tuesday, November 03, 2009

recap: because one day i'll care about these past times

books i read this summer/fall:
-everything is illuminated: jonathan safran foer
-barbarian way and soul craving: erwin mcmanus
-sexgod and velvet elvis: rob bell
-if you want to write: brenda ueland
-searching for god knows what and a million miles in a thousand years: donald miller
-how to win the game of life: tom gegax (my nanny boss man)

music im listening to:
jay z: the blueprint 3
sondre lerche: heartbeat radio
david crowder: church music
riddle the roar: their new e.p.
q-tip: kamaal the abstract
ingrid michaelson: everybody
kim walker: random stuff by her

things i want:
for the space bar on my typewriter to work
for my busted knee to be fixed
a record player
my parents records
to throw a a great fakesgiving party
to put on a kick ass benefit show in the guys pool
to keep on with my regular bm's
a tape recorder for my melodic ideas
a rocket ship (for play only)
for andrews south korean dreams to come true

projects in purgatory:
legos is the family business
the picnic table project
the garden that's now dead (blast)

im grateful for:
when my feet aren't so cold
having 2 knees
hysterical roommates
when andrew channels a pirate
bread bowls
friends that are nice and generous
twiggs coffee house and all my gypsy coworkers
70 and sunny all the freaking time
the change of seasons
the upright bass
naomi's dance moves
yerba mate tea
worship through music
youth group and all it entails
inside jokes
other stuff. much much more.