Tuesday, November 30, 2010

but a few from the plethera.

these are my friends. and their dreams. their projects. their every day magic.
(don't be lazy... copy and paste the link. one more step but it's worth it. this old school blog site has mucho trouble embedding. or i can't figure it out... so maybe i'm the lazy one...)





or then there's this... and i had the honor to play music with bryan and joel p. west at this one...

also. a good friend of mine, sean sand, keeps a music blog... letting us into his sonic taste buds. the daily spin is rad.


i love this community.

Thursday, November 25, 2010


2 feelings i have never felt on thanksgiving. hunger. and quiet. it's odd, uncomfortable and sort of lovely.

Monday, November 08, 2010


there are 32 pictures i have in a folder that i thought at some point were important enough to share, and maybe at some point they will be- the retrospect sorta be... but this particular picture is one that i won't be able to replicate for another long while. (because i don't plan on becoming a morning person. at least until some other human makes me wake to feed it) and with this exact combination of incredibly warm and beautiful people, probably never again...

i believe that part of why the sun it rises is to remind us to let every day be it's own. and to be well and breathe well and make well with others. and to let the moon take a nap.

it was a perfect day.