Friday, February 24, 2006

Prayer Requests

Hi everyone!
All is well in Tanzania! I even got to go on a Safari this week. Check out the pics below ... Im missin home alot these days but I received a package from my parents with a little taste from home so I will survive.

The team has been bonding more than ever these days and our ministries in the secondary and primary schools have been so effective. Today we spoke at a secondary school in a local village about abstinece/stds/hiv/aids.... and then mary shared the gospel of Jesus Christ and about the healing and restoration god gives us... it was powerful. Their lives were touched and many if not all gave their hearts to the Lord. Scott shared his testimony andwe did some awesome dramas and illustrstions on the heart and keeping it whole and pure...

Its only getting better and better here. Please continue to pray for the following things for our team:

1.That everything will go smoothly with Jills adoption of Noela and Enoch as far as paeprwork, finances etc.

2. Marys vehicle fundraising. Shes been working at raising the money for nearly a year now and shes only got 5,000 USD but we need 16, 000 USD for a decent used vehicle to get us around in ministry (going to schools to speak and villages to evangelize and to get interns and uests around as well as regular errands) for one day of ministry we spent 70,000 schillings (about $67 USD) for our 2 taxis. Unbelieveable! but thats the cost of ministering around here... everythings on the outskirts so we gotta do what we gotta do. so pray that God inspires her sponsors to send in the cash flow for a vehicle.

3. Continued favor with administration in the secondary schools and with the students as well tat their hearts would be receptive and open to the knoweldge and truth we're trying to plant in them about their hearts minds and bodies.

4. Our Pastors Brian and Janine leave next week for the states. After 7 years of minstry Gods claled them back to America. Pray for their flight as well as their new season of ministry and their new life in Charlotte NC. Also pray for our nationals who are also our church leaders that will be taking over services and church business.

5. International ministry: Through out our stay here we've been reaching out to several misisoanry kids as well as just internationals that are here teaching or who are kids of teachers. Pray that the heart of God will shine through us and that they'll find something mroe to their lives. They all love it here but many are still searching for a place to call home as well as meaning to their lives and direction from the Lord. Scott started a 20 somethings fellowship for the internationals and it was effective last week.. hopefully this week it will be as well.

Thats all for now! God bless you all! I miss you so much!


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