Thursday, February 16, 2006

Njoro Ministry

Yes, same shirt, same day, different kids. :Below are me and the Njoro kids and to the right is the view of Mt Kilamanjaro from their market area. This is the village we went into today to evangelize to. Me and Christian were teamed up with our Rwandan refugee friend from church Valentina. She was our interpreter. We ended not even leaving the spot we started at because the children just swarmed us and loved on us and actually faught over who could hold my hand... we defintly dont get that kind of attention at home. It was so awesome. The mountain was beautiful and the kids were so awesome. They taught us songs and dances and games and Christian and I just ran around with them for two hours... that's the life... I bet there was at least a hundred kids there today. We're having an outreach there on Saturdy so I'm glad we were able to "plant some seeds" if you will. :)
Here's Christian in the song circle... he makes it look so intense. :)

Here are the Njoro kids teaching us how to sing their songs and run around like crazy in a circle.
Aren't these girls beautiful?

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christinamathilde said...

Hey girl, thanks for all of the wonderfull things you wrote about me - im gonna head home and write you all something back! In english of course.. (and by the way, im green eyed..:)) Anyways, Im sure we'll meet up here before you guys leave - so untill then, peace out girl. love, chris

Anonymous said...

Hey Meg, your blog totally blesses me. I should have you work on mine.LOL
Love you alot and glad to meet you. OH and now that I have seen your thunder life will never be the same..LOL