Thursday, February 09, 2006


Thanks mom and dad for letting me be me and never doubting Gods will for my life. Thanks for showering me with love and affection and gifts (defnitly one o my love languages). Thanks for being proud of me and bragging about me and always providing help and resources when Ive strived for things in ministry. Thanks mom for never becoming inpatient with me while I complained about the church and religion and pastors and life. Thanks fo always speaking truth and keeping it real. Thanks dad for spending countless hours on my music endeavors... starting from age 11 you always made it happen. Thanks for driving us everywhere and giving us money. And thanks for all the future momenya nd transportaion you will be providing in the near future. :) Thanks little Nicky for being so mean to me. Its made me tough. I love you little brother, but we're gonna have to work on our love languages. The folks around here dont think too highly of my self-proclaimed language known as "words of discourag ment and verbal abuse". We gotta speak life family! Not just Nicky, all of us... who will break the cycle?

All of my family: they have inspired me to do this. The constant emails, notes, support... Gram: the tears you shed in prayer for me... Dee! Honey! I love you... everyone... I couldnt be so passionate and excited about doing adventurous phenomenal things with my life if I didnt have such a strong spiritual suport from my family. God... why did u bless me with such an amazing family? From my grandma Rach to my 2nd step cousins and all inbetween... :)

Thanks Sarah, Alex and Mayra for loving me and taking care of all my social needs. LOL... I love these people... I talk about them constsntly! To my girls especially for tolerting all girly things at all girly times. You guys complete me. Thanks B for training me and building me up like iron sharpens iron. Same with Cathlina and John Magrock. You guys are amazing. Thankyou to both Joshs.. Shepherd; you are a phenomenal man... I hope and pray God brings you into an incredible place of joy and peace and love... Short; keep on seeking and you will find what your looking for... actually, both of those shout outs go for both Joshs so both of you take them to heart. :)

Mary Navarro is one of the most amazing women I have ever known... next to my mom. Why did it take me all these years to figure that out? I've gained a true sister during m stay here! Ive never had a roommate and Im glad the first one was her... never a dull moment. :) Ive learned to never settle for anything less than Gods best... shes taught me to take life and all its blows with a good attitude. Pouting wont make it any better. Dennae and Rebecca are also amazing women. My friendships with them will last a lifetime. Ill always have a home to stay at in Phoenix and Pennsylvania! And they will in Nor Cal! whoop whoop! From them I have learned that life is way to short to spend these precious years in our 20s being aimless. Travel. Explore. Discover Gods awesome love through his awesome creations. Hike the mountains. Swim in lakes rivers and oceans. Run in the daylight... laugh at night. Play cards... Use your words to build others up (Scotts helped with that one too) love being a lady... love other ladies... dont call other women mud ducks (eh hem.. huse!). We are one, we need to stick together. Be captivating. My Lis! I've never met such a cool Indianian... ??? LOL. My girl! This woman is here on the field as a single lady pursuing the call... reaching out to this generation. I've learned from this awesome woman of God and have had so much fun in the process... we even went on a girls night out tonight and God totally used her to speak into my life on eveything from boys to the mission feild... who says 22 year old women don't know what they're doing? LOL... she's another lifer... you're all stuck with me now! :P

Heather and Jill; you guys suck at Nerts!!! LOL...Ive learned alot about holiness and righteousness from these two women. They have a permanent place in my heart. All these women have adopted me as their spritual little sis in a sense. So have John West and Scott Whosdahoe... You guys are so mean... I know its only because ur speaking my love language. Same with you Chris....tian :) My life was not complete until I befriended Peter Street! An incredible White African... These guys have all been excellent examples of godly men. Ive totally raised my standards on guys since Ive met them and seen with my own honey brown eyes that awesome men of God in thier 20s do exist... (hey you know who you are... don't let that get to your head! i love you as a BROTHER and nothing more! i dont care if you fold clothes like a woman and show all 48 teeth when you smile...) Of course Ive seen the few at home... Magrock, Gonzalez... and thats about it... lol.

The lessons of character ive learned from all of these people have challenged me to be a better person... that sounds super cliche but everday I learn something new about how to refine myself. Fine tuning Meaghan to make her a more incredible daughter of the king. Of course only God can make me more incredible than I already am :) but it does take effort on my behalf to humble myslef and be corrected, instructed and flexible. Im learning so much about melding with other personalit types... God bless the C melancholys... merciful ones you are.

I write this as if I were signing a yearbook but today I really felt the need to count my blessing on the blog... I am probably one of the most privelaged undeserving people I know. God has blessed me immensely with these incredible new friends... my family and my support. Every email, comment on myspace and all that jazz has kept me motivted and excited about what I'm doing. I hear it all the time how I am an "inspiration". I am nothing without Jesus. He gives me the excitement and passion to go and be something more than a statistic. The same God who ordained all these things before me has wonderful plans for your lives as well. Walking in light friends... something else that sounds really cliche but its totally correct...walking in this truth has led me to so many beautiful and amazing mornings and has put me to rest on so many peaceful, joyful nights. I love my life.

So what about you? Are you surrounding yourself with individuals that are rubbing off on you to become even more of a blessing to the world around you? I really hope so ... pray for those who bless you, and even those who don't... life's so much sweeter that way. :)

So much love to all of you...

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