Saturday, February 18, 2006

Childrens Outreach

If you have all been praying for this ministry here in Tanz to be effective... it's working! The children in the different villgae here are totally getting touch. God has totally given us favor with the people and they welcome us with open arms. Today we went back to Njoro to do a mini crusade for the children. we taught them songs and did a puppet show. They loved it... having lighter skin really affects how you are recieved. The kids are totally fascinated with us because we're "wazungu" (white people) I even had to have a little conversation with a kid today and explain to him what being half and half is. Gaudy ended up helping me and now they call me "chotara" which means mixed girl. I wasn't too thrilled about just being called white person all the time so I had to educate the generations!! ;) Well now they know... and maybe one day they too can marry a person with light skin and continue the legacy of "chotaras" around the world... :)

God totally moved today with these kids.They heard about a little boy named Samuel who had ears for the voice of God... it was an awesome Bible story recievd very well from them all... then we had the nationals from our church do a really hilarious puppet show for them. They were so excited! Then we made the mistake of throwing out candy in the end and caused an uproar and many were stampeded including all the interns giving out candy. Christian actually was chased around the Saconey (market) by about 50 kids... it went by so fast I couldnt even capture the Kodak moment. :) But I'm sure the few that I did capture will suffice. :)
Here's Scott and his Njoro childrens entourage... it's so awesome that they follow us all the way out of town...

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Liberty said...

that first photo of the little girl is priceless! So amazing... breaks your heart, no? Blessings on you all and prayers for amazing experience for you and the people whose lives you touch!