Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentines Day 2006

The friend Zone- :P Me and Ross from Scotland at Sals for V day.

The girls at the dinner table. Like our red?

Our boys L to R: Scotty, John, Ross and Christian... aww! So good looking!

Shake your groove thang Shake your groove thang yeah yeah! Show em how we do it oh! LOL... we had so much fun!

Valentines Day in Tanz is awesome! They totally cater to our needs for the day of love. So our favorite hotel Sals Salinero turned itself into a cheesy high school dinner dance. It was hilarious... there were lights every where and a disco ball. All the girls dressed up in red and we all had a blast together. In the standing pic of all us girls its Becca, Me, my valentine from Indiana Lis, Heather, Dennae and Mary. Below is a pic of me and my "official date" :) Ross. He's a family friend of Peter Street from Scottland and hes here in Tanz til April interning at the hospital for med school. Don't worry... we're just friends! :) But it was fun for all of us to go and dance to the Tanzanian island music.

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