Monday, December 21, 2009

singing and cheer.

walking in a winter wonderland... with my friends. from Meaghan Maples on Vimeo.

these are a few of my favorite things.

-the anxiety and glee of preparing for my homeward bound journey
-all the creativity and conversation my typewriter has brought at a handful of parties, in homes, at twiggs... my beloved coffee shop
-iron and wine on pandora
-chewing on ice
-my knee working better... and physical therapy
-writing poems all the time. go team.
-talking about funny things with mom dad and brother
-funny messages from young relatives
-soy chai
-tea from peets
-15 minute rendezvous
-new friends cleverly disguised as nosy customers
-warm and funny concerts in the living room of wonderful san diego friends (family)

me and about 15 friends have decided to write a poem a day for 30 days of december. it is a project inspired by a dear friend and poet in san diego, gill sotu... google him. he's wonderful. in the meantime, here are some snippits of some of the fun work i've been doing with these rotating prompts and my typewriter.

i encourage you to make a list of your favorite things... and funny things... and things you'd like to do. and then things you will do.
these type of list making techniques remind me of all the intangible i've accumulated through out my life... all the things i sometimes take for granted. so as many of us get to rest for the next couple weeks or so... take time to breathe (really breathe) and take nothing for granted. cook something foreign or write a letter to a stranger. maybe catch up on undelivered thank you notes... or love notes if you're feeling ballsy. i'm gonna take pictures of all my childhood play grounds and do some arts and crafts with my nana.

be well...
stretch. eat vegetables. and chocolate. sit still.
be kind and patient.
slow to offense... pray for this.
i struggle with all of these things... duh.
but they're in my brain.