Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Random Cool Moments

Can you find the interns?
I love it here, I'm coming back to volunteer in the school system. I wanna get my feet wet in the education feild and teach english to these beautiful, awesome kids!

The Taxi man! Lewis is our cab driver who we use like every day around here but he's also an incredible man of the Lord that we attend church with and he has such a heart for children! Awww! Look at them, they love him!

A lesson of trust: Christian taught an object lesson on trust and we even used one of the little boys as an example in the "fall back" part of it! It was awesome! Chris did really great... preaching and teaching has never been a strength of his... until now! I am so excited that God is working on him and giving him such a boldness to share the truth of Gods word.

The Superbowl!: I took this pic of us interns on our wy to this hotel down the road to watch this years west cast slaughter aka the Superbowl. Yes, Becca is sleeping. Why? Because it's LIVE! And Live for us means 2 am!!! Crazy Kabisa! (Totally Crazy)

Goodbye Piki Piki: Here I am getting ready for my final piki piki ride with Peter Street before his 3 month business trip to Damascus and Samaria. It was fun.. banan feilds, coffee crops... then an awesome view of the mountain. Mary got herself quite the adventurous catch! Can airplanes go on such adventures Dav-eed? Hmmm?

Intimate thoughts with "hott Scott": "Hmmm? How can I be more charming then a Latin Suave from Cali? I'll stick 2 dollars worth of quarters up my nose!! Should I?"

"I should... and I did... Oh yes, I'll give it to ya!" Dang, there goes my 2 dollars in quarters... east coast men... :P

Real World Tanzania 2006!: My My we look mighty fine! LOL... All of the interns and Lis went to a rel Tanzanian wedding this past Saturday and Heather and I helped out at the worship conference.

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