Friday, February 10, 2006

The most amazing people Ive ever met

Ok, I may get over this tomorrow, but tonight Im seriously dumbfounded at the people surrounding me. To the left is my brother from another mother... Peter Street... Marys hunk of love and the coolest white African you'll ever meet. To the right of him is Ngomi... he's a cool guy too. He's a mixed German Tanzanian! They do exist! :)

So theres this place called the coffee shop where white people usually hang out right? of course! We all congregate together!!! So tonight was a showcase of all the local musicians in our area and it was kinda boring for the most part.. alot of slow music and sad music... not that exciting... but the whole reason our team went was because Scotts area of ministry is to reach out to the internationals in their 20s. So we figured tonight would be a great oppurtunity to get to know people and make friedns and then eventually get them to come to our international fellowship. It's going to be like a bible study/hangout for young adults seeking to go a bit deeper.

So of course the people on our list not on the team are Lis from fule (already a missionary), Zimon (i.s.m alumni... saved andseeking to get closer??? im not sure) Ngomi (the same as Zimon) and Ross (awesome fire ball for the Lord from Scotalnd in med school working at KCMC hospital. Totally on the J-train. Awesome accent) So besides these people we wanted to mingle and meet more people. Heres how amzing our night was.

The team ended up hangin out in the lobby of the coffee shope with Ngomi and his friend Kris. She's from Ethipia... born and raised and shes a blonde haired blue eyed adventuresome little thing just in town this week to climb Kili. Shes awesome... Her parents started out as Swedish missionaries in Ethiopia.. moved the fam to the states for 4 years... back to Ethiopia and now the live in Dar es Salaam... the capital of Tanzania. Shes 20 like me and guess how many languages she speaks? 2? nope..... 3... nope... yes its 4. I didnt realize the human brain had that kind of capacity to FLUENTLY communicate in 4 difficult languages.. she speaks english like shes form America and thas only her 2nd language. The language spoken at home is Swedish and Norwegen and she grew up in Ethiopia so she has some hameric under her belt. Crazy! She was an awesome girl... I asked her if she blogs which she does but its all in Norwegic??? If thats how u spell it... :P I met this awesome basketball player named Dani whos also a musician... he was so nice! Hes also mixed.. german and Tanzanian... that seems to be the local combination around here... there are ton of Germans... craziness! Zimon speaks fluent English, German and Swahili! Ahh! how do the do this?

Ive decided that if these average people my age can gorw up being so vibrant, diverse, cultured and intelligent, my children can be too! Tonight even at the coffee shop watching these little blonde haired kids whove been raised in Tanzanian running around with their english accents and fluent Swahili capabilities! It makes me so crazy! Im jealous! I can barely hold it up in espanol and I live in freking California! So yes, Ive made an executive decision with myself to raise my kids up to be brillliant, diverse, and cultured.. well, me and Nicky are all those things but we only speak two languages. English and Ebonics... and ebonics dont even count.... lol.

Im so blessed to meet people like this. They make me wanna be smarter! When I go home and learning swahili and spanish! Dang! I got a long way to go! I shoulda started as a child! Oh well, it will only make me stronger...

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