Friday, February 24, 2006

Prayer Requests

Hi everyone!
All is well in Tanzania! I even got to go on a Safari this week. Check out the pics below ... Im missin home alot these days but I received a package from my parents with a little taste from home so I will survive.

The team has been bonding more than ever these days and our ministries in the secondary and primary schools have been so effective. Today we spoke at a secondary school in a local village about abstinece/stds/hiv/aids.... and then mary shared the gospel of Jesus Christ and about the healing and restoration god gives us... it was powerful. Their lives were touched and many if not all gave their hearts to the Lord. Scott shared his testimony andwe did some awesome dramas and illustrstions on the heart and keeping it whole and pure...

Its only getting better and better here. Please continue to pray for the following things for our team:

1.That everything will go smoothly with Jills adoption of Noela and Enoch as far as paeprwork, finances etc.

2. Marys vehicle fundraising. Shes been working at raising the money for nearly a year now and shes only got 5,000 USD but we need 16, 000 USD for a decent used vehicle to get us around in ministry (going to schools to speak and villages to evangelize and to get interns and uests around as well as regular errands) for one day of ministry we spent 70,000 schillings (about $67 USD) for our 2 taxis. Unbelieveable! but thats the cost of ministering around here... everythings on the outskirts so we gotta do what we gotta do. so pray that God inspires her sponsors to send in the cash flow for a vehicle.

3. Continued favor with administration in the secondary schools and with the students as well tat their hearts would be receptive and open to the knoweldge and truth we're trying to plant in them about their hearts minds and bodies.

4. Our Pastors Brian and Janine leave next week for the states. After 7 years of minstry Gods claled them back to America. Pray for their flight as well as their new season of ministry and their new life in Charlotte NC. Also pray for our nationals who are also our church leaders that will be taking over services and church business.

5. International ministry: Through out our stay here we've been reaching out to several misisoanry kids as well as just internationals that are here teaching or who are kids of teachers. Pray that the heart of God will shine through us and that they'll find something mroe to their lives. They all love it here but many are still searching for a place to call home as well as meaning to their lives and direction from the Lord. Scott started a 20 somethings fellowship for the internationals and it was effective last week.. hopefully this week it will be as well.

Thats all for now! God bless you all! I miss you so much!


The African Sunset

God of wonders beyond our galaxy... you are holy! Holy! The universe declares your majesty.... you are holy..... holy!!! Lord of heaven and earth.... Isn't this sunset beautiful. It's the view from the lobby at our hotel on Safari. John and Scott are doin their best silouhettes... hott stuff??? Maybe not ;P but the sunset is bad!! I I I love my life... I I I love my life... :)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Safari... Whoop Whoop!

Yes so I'm glad I got it out of my system because I will NEVER, I repeat never drive on them bumpy roads for 3 hours at a time again! LOL... but let me tell you it was worth every single second... Yes we saw a kill... I even got a movie of it for those sick freaks of you who want to join me when I get home and show it off... I was like 3 feet from the lion and 15 feet from the kill... They tore thsoe buffalos apart! We stayed at the Ngorongoro Sopa lodge which is like the nicest lodge you can stay in and it was amazing... We took in every second of it. It as beautfiul the sunset was AMAZING (there's pic just for you Sara!) and we all had such a good time with one another... The pictures say it all. Oh yeah, as you cna see those are girl lions.... doing all the work tryin to get the bacon for the fam! Independent women!!! :)

This sunset is for SARA! I love you cousin!

Here's a Massai Kid... how awesome.

Yes, it's an elephant! Hey!

Look how close I was to this Zebra!!! I can count his bi racial stripes... diverse-city whoop whoop. :)

Monday, February 20, 2006

I miss them!

Thanks to Uncle Don for sending me this adorbale pic from back home in Cali! Zack and Zo bring make me soo soo happy! They bring so much joy to my life... all of my family does and this is the longest time Ive ever been away from them... man I love my life here in Tanzania but I can't wait to go home and see everyone again before I'm shipped off to college :P (wherever that may be). Good times! I miss you all!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Childrens Outreach

If you have all been praying for this ministry here in Tanz to be effective... it's working! The children in the different villgae here are totally getting touch. God has totally given us favor with the people and they welcome us with open arms. Today we went back to Njoro to do a mini crusade for the children. we taught them songs and did a puppet show. They loved it... having lighter skin really affects how you are recieved. The kids are totally fascinated with us because we're "wazungu" (white people) I even had to have a little conversation with a kid today and explain to him what being half and half is. Gaudy ended up helping me and now they call me "chotara" which means mixed girl. I wasn't too thrilled about just being called white person all the time so I had to educate the generations!! ;) Well now they know... and maybe one day they too can marry a person with light skin and continue the legacy of "chotaras" around the world... :)

God totally moved today with these kids.They heard about a little boy named Samuel who had ears for the voice of God... it was an awesome Bible story recievd very well from them all... then we had the nationals from our church do a really hilarious puppet show for them. They were so excited! Then we made the mistake of throwing out candy in the end and caused an uproar and many were stampeded including all the interns giving out candy. Christian actually was chased around the Saconey (market) by about 50 kids... it went by so fast I couldnt even capture the Kodak moment. :) But I'm sure the few that I did capture will suffice. :)
Here's Scott and his Njoro childrens entourage... it's so awesome that they follow us all the way out of town...

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Njoro Ministry

Yes, same shirt, same day, different kids. :Below are me and the Njoro kids and to the right is the view of Mt Kilamanjaro from their market area. This is the village we went into today to evangelize to. Me and Christian were teamed up with our Rwandan refugee friend from church Valentina. She was our interpreter. We ended not even leaving the spot we started at because the children just swarmed us and loved on us and actually faught over who could hold my hand... we defintly dont get that kind of attention at home. It was so awesome. The mountain was beautiful and the kids were so awesome. They taught us songs and dances and games and Christian and I just ran around with them for two hours... that's the life... I bet there was at least a hundred kids there today. We're having an outreach there on Saturdy so I'm glad we were able to "plant some seeds" if you will. :)
Here's Christian in the song circle... he makes it look so intense. :)

Here are the Njoro kids teaching us how to sing their songs and run around like crazy in a circle.
Aren't these girls beautiful?

Just a reminder: Oh yeah, anyone who looks at my blogs online... please feel free to comment! I love hearing about how much you all enjoy these pics and stories... it makes my day! You don't have to join blogspot or anything... just go ahead and drop me a line! ;)

Another day in the life...

Today was another awesome day in school assemblies. All of the schools so far have welcomed us with open arms and even let us talk about the love of God. But this school by far was the most welcoming as far as the kids and teachers loving on us. They had a blast with us and totally welcomed us with WIDE OPEN ARMS!!! Gosh, these are priceless memories! You'll notice in the pic to the right a muslim girl... that girl heard about the love of God today in a way she has never heard before... she even stood up in from of the crowd of 500 plus kids and did the motions to a fun kids worship song with us. Priceless, absolutley priceless.
Our guys had an awesome time with the kids today. They all did such a great job again! I have such a tight squad... Christian did his "you are able to beat lifes 'Goliaths'" message again and he hit home... Scott did most of the MC'ing and intros (the kids love him!) and John was an awesome Goliath again! Every person plays such an important roll in making these assemblies work. Between all of us leading songs together to having the interns pull kids out of the crowd for drama and stuff... we all put a lot of team work into this to make sure it goes awesome. But ultimately we've seen how the power of the love of God though has touched these kids lives. It is that alone that has brought success to these assemblies thus far. Here's to many more!! :)

Look at these beautiful faces... being here makes me think of a song by a wise young emcee Frank Naeborn ala Youngfart... I mean Youngstar :) ... "I-I-I Love my life, I-I-I love my life..." and so the song goes... :P

???"Shoulda been an A-G Missionary"???

A few years back when I was in youth group we would go to youth conventions and summer camps and stuff with the church and there were these ridiculously inappropriate yet hilarious advertisements for AG missionary support. They'd show broke down misisonaries walkin on the side of the road... then they'd show another group driving in a nice SUV. Then as the nice SUV drives on by the broke down missionaries look at eachother and say... "I shoulda been an AG missionary"... then fade to black. LOL. Well, none of the missionaries I live with are AG, and lifes pretty sweet for us... we're not suffering or lookin broke down at all! Sometimes our SUV breaks down... but thats about it. Today we had to hand pump something under the hood to get the it started. So there's Becca and Jill are holdin it down under the hood! Independent women! :) It was a "shoulda been an A-G missioanry" moment to say the least! :P

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Random Cool Moments

Can you find the interns?
I love it here, I'm coming back to volunteer in the school system. I wanna get my feet wet in the education feild and teach english to these beautiful, awesome kids!

The Taxi man! Lewis is our cab driver who we use like every day around here but he's also an incredible man of the Lord that we attend church with and he has such a heart for children! Awww! Look at them, they love him!

A lesson of trust: Christian taught an object lesson on trust and we even used one of the little boys as an example in the "fall back" part of it! It was awesome! Chris did really great... preaching and teaching has never been a strength of his... until now! I am so excited that God is working on him and giving him such a boldness to share the truth of Gods word.

The Superbowl!: I took this pic of us interns on our wy to this hotel down the road to watch this years west cast slaughter aka the Superbowl. Yes, Becca is sleeping. Why? Because it's LIVE! And Live for us means 2 am!!! Crazy Kabisa! (Totally Crazy)

Goodbye Piki Piki: Here I am getting ready for my final piki piki ride with Peter Street before his 3 month business trip to Damascus and Samaria. It was fun.. banan feilds, coffee crops... then an awesome view of the mountain. Mary got herself quite the adventurous catch! Can airplanes go on such adventures Dav-eed? Hmmm?

Intimate thoughts with "hott Scott": "Hmmm? How can I be more charming then a Latin Suave from Cali? I'll stick 2 dollars worth of quarters up my nose!! Should I?"

"I should... and I did... Oh yes, I'll give it to ya!" Dang, there goes my 2 dollars in quarters... east coast men... :P

Real World Tanzania 2006!: My My we look mighty fine! LOL... All of the interns and Lis went to a rel Tanzanian wedding this past Saturday and Heather and I helped out at the worship conference.

Valentines Day 2006

The friend Zone- :P Me and Ross from Scotland at Sals for V day.

The girls at the dinner table. Like our red?

Our boys L to R: Scotty, John, Ross and Christian... aww! So good looking!

Shake your groove thang Shake your groove thang yeah yeah! Show em how we do it oh! LOL... we had so much fun!

Valentines Day in Tanz is awesome! They totally cater to our needs for the day of love. So our favorite hotel Sals Salinero turned itself into a cheesy high school dinner dance. It was hilarious... there were lights every where and a disco ball. All the girls dressed up in red and we all had a blast together. In the standing pic of all us girls its Becca, Me, my valentine from Indiana Lis, Heather, Dennae and Mary. Below is a pic of me and my "official date" :) Ross. He's a family friend of Peter Street from Scottland and hes here in Tanz til April interning at the hospital for med school. Don't worry... we're just friends! :) But it was fun for all of us to go and dance to the Tanzanian island music.

Schools and Mountain Churches

Church on the mountain:
Today we went up Mt. Kila to minister at Rehema’s dad’s church. Rehema is one of our fiends from church that does lot of translating for us. She’s also a worship leader on the team with Mary. It was such a bumpy ride… but it was fun… John preached on John 17 and 15… the main message was about Jesus being the vine and we are the branches. Being one with Christ so we can be whole as people… it was powerful. Man… as I sit in this room typing Dennae and Scott are talking about when we all leave. I’m gonna miss them so much, I’m leaving before them all. That makes me so sad. We’re only half way through but it’s gone by so fast we know the end is coming… I’ll be back soon enough. Below is a pic of the team in the dala dala on the way up the mountain. To the right is John preaching and Rehema interpreting.

Above: I picked a little boy named Michael out of the crowd tody to play David. He did so good! Look, Goliath is defeated!
School Assemblies: Priceless
Today we went into 2 elementary schools to do school assemblies. IT WAS AWESOME. Christians in charge of the children’s ministry aspect of the internship and that’s definitely a stretch for him because he’s just now developing his leadership skills. He’s never done public speaking or anything so to hear him speak to and encourage all those children today was such a break through. Our theme was “you are able”. Self esteem in this culture is a real issue for many children. They don’t have any… pretty much… sad but true. So we wanted to emphasize to them that they are able to do whatever they have in mind to do with their lives. I’m in charge of the drama area of the internship so when we do assemblies I get the kids involved with whatever skits we are doing… I pull them out of the audience and they just love it! So today we did David and Goliath. John played Goliath and we pulled kids out to be the Philistines and the Israelites. It was hilarious! It was so fun… We taught them how to act it out and they had to do it front of all of their classes. It was so good… it was a priceless experience.

Friday, February 10, 2006

The most amazing people Ive ever met

Ok, I may get over this tomorrow, but tonight Im seriously dumbfounded at the people surrounding me. To the left is my brother from another mother... Peter Street... Marys hunk of love and the coolest white African you'll ever meet. To the right of him is Ngomi... he's a cool guy too. He's a mixed German Tanzanian! They do exist! :)

So theres this place called the coffee shop where white people usually hang out right? of course! We all congregate together!!! So tonight was a showcase of all the local musicians in our area and it was kinda boring for the most part.. alot of slow music and sad music... not that exciting... but the whole reason our team went was because Scotts area of ministry is to reach out to the internationals in their 20s. So we figured tonight would be a great oppurtunity to get to know people and make friedns and then eventually get them to come to our international fellowship. It's going to be like a bible study/hangout for young adults seeking to go a bit deeper.

So of course the people on our list not on the team are Lis from fule (already a missionary), Zimon (i.s.m alumni... saved andseeking to get closer??? im not sure) Ngomi (the same as Zimon) and Ross (awesome fire ball for the Lord from Scotalnd in med school working at KCMC hospital. Totally on the J-train. Awesome accent) So besides these people we wanted to mingle and meet more people. Heres how amzing our night was.

The team ended up hangin out in the lobby of the coffee shope with Ngomi and his friend Kris. She's from Ethipia... born and raised and shes a blonde haired blue eyed adventuresome little thing just in town this week to climb Kili. Shes awesome... Her parents started out as Swedish missionaries in Ethiopia.. moved the fam to the states for 4 years... back to Ethiopia and now the live in Dar es Salaam... the capital of Tanzania. Shes 20 like me and guess how many languages she speaks? 2? nope..... 3... nope... yes its 4. I didnt realize the human brain had that kind of capacity to FLUENTLY communicate in 4 difficult languages.. she speaks english like shes form America and thas only her 2nd language. The language spoken at home is Swedish and Norwegen and she grew up in Ethiopia so she has some hameric under her belt. Crazy! She was an awesome girl... I asked her if she blogs which she does but its all in Norwegic??? If thats how u spell it... :P I met this awesome basketball player named Dani whos also a musician... he was so nice! Hes also mixed.. german and Tanzanian... that seems to be the local combination around here... there are ton of Germans... craziness! Zimon speaks fluent English, German and Swahili! Ahh! how do the do this?

Ive decided that if these average people my age can gorw up being so vibrant, diverse, cultured and intelligent, my children can be too! Tonight even at the coffee shop watching these little blonde haired kids whove been raised in Tanzanian running around with their english accents and fluent Swahili capabilities! It makes me so crazy! Im jealous! I can barely hold it up in espanol and I live in freking California! So yes, Ive made an executive decision with myself to raise my kids up to be brillliant, diverse, and cultured.. well, me and Nicky are all those things but we only speak two languages. English and Ebonics... and ebonics dont even count.... lol.

Im so blessed to meet people like this. They make me wanna be smarter! When I go home and learning swahili and spanish! Dang! I got a long way to go! I shoulda started as a child! Oh well, it will only make me stronger...

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Thanks mom and dad for letting me be me and never doubting Gods will for my life. Thanks for showering me with love and affection and gifts (defnitly one o my love languages). Thanks for being proud of me and bragging about me and always providing help and resources when Ive strived for things in ministry. Thanks mom for never becoming inpatient with me while I complained about the church and religion and pastors and life. Thanks fo always speaking truth and keeping it real. Thanks dad for spending countless hours on my music endeavors... starting from age 11 you always made it happen. Thanks for driving us everywhere and giving us money. And thanks for all the future momenya nd transportaion you will be providing in the near future. :) Thanks little Nicky for being so mean to me. Its made me tough. I love you little brother, but we're gonna have to work on our love languages. The folks around here dont think too highly of my self-proclaimed language known as "words of discourag ment and verbal abuse". We gotta speak life family! Not just Nicky, all of us... who will break the cycle?

All of my family: they have inspired me to do this. The constant emails, notes, support... Gram: the tears you shed in prayer for me... Dee! Honey! I love you... everyone... I couldnt be so passionate and excited about doing adventurous phenomenal things with my life if I didnt have such a strong spiritual suport from my family. God... why did u bless me with such an amazing family? From my grandma Rach to my 2nd step cousins and all inbetween... :)

Thanks Sarah, Alex and Mayra for loving me and taking care of all my social needs. LOL... I love these people... I talk about them constsntly! To my girls especially for tolerting all girly things at all girly times. You guys complete me. Thanks B for training me and building me up like iron sharpens iron. Same with Cathlina and John Magrock. You guys are amazing. Thankyou to both Joshs.. Shepherd; you are a phenomenal man... I hope and pray God brings you into an incredible place of joy and peace and love... Short; keep on seeking and you will find what your looking for... actually, both of those shout outs go for both Joshs so both of you take them to heart. :)

Mary Navarro is one of the most amazing women I have ever known... next to my mom. Why did it take me all these years to figure that out? I've gained a true sister during m stay here! Ive never had a roommate and Im glad the first one was her... never a dull moment. :) Ive learned to never settle for anything less than Gods best... shes taught me to take life and all its blows with a good attitude. Pouting wont make it any better. Dennae and Rebecca are also amazing women. My friendships with them will last a lifetime. Ill always have a home to stay at in Phoenix and Pennsylvania! And they will in Nor Cal! whoop whoop! From them I have learned that life is way to short to spend these precious years in our 20s being aimless. Travel. Explore. Discover Gods awesome love through his awesome creations. Hike the mountains. Swim in lakes rivers and oceans. Run in the daylight... laugh at night. Play cards... Use your words to build others up (Scotts helped with that one too) love being a lady... love other ladies... dont call other women mud ducks (eh hem.. huse!). We are one, we need to stick together. Be captivating. My Lis! I've never met such a cool Indianian... ??? LOL. My girl! This woman is here on the field as a single lady pursuing the call... reaching out to this generation. I've learned from this awesome woman of God and have had so much fun in the process... we even went on a girls night out tonight and God totally used her to speak into my life on eveything from boys to the mission feild... who says 22 year old women don't know what they're doing? LOL... she's another lifer... you're all stuck with me now! :P

Heather and Jill; you guys suck at Nerts!!! LOL...Ive learned alot about holiness and righteousness from these two women. They have a permanent place in my heart. All these women have adopted me as their spritual little sis in a sense. So have John West and Scott Whosdahoe... You guys are so mean... I know its only because ur speaking my love language. Same with you Chris....tian :) My life was not complete until I befriended Peter Street! An incredible White African... These guys have all been excellent examples of godly men. Ive totally raised my standards on guys since Ive met them and seen with my own honey brown eyes that awesome men of God in thier 20s do exist... (hey you know who you are... don't let that get to your head! i love you as a BROTHER and nothing more! i dont care if you fold clothes like a woman and show all 48 teeth when you smile...) Of course Ive seen the few at home... Magrock, Gonzalez... and thats about it... lol.

The lessons of character ive learned from all of these people have challenged me to be a better person... that sounds super cliche but everday I learn something new about how to refine myself. Fine tuning Meaghan to make her a more incredible daughter of the king. Of course only God can make me more incredible than I already am :) but it does take effort on my behalf to humble myslef and be corrected, instructed and flexible. Im learning so much about melding with other personalit types... God bless the C melancholys... merciful ones you are.

I write this as if I were signing a yearbook but today I really felt the need to count my blessing on the blog... I am probably one of the most privelaged undeserving people I know. God has blessed me immensely with these incredible new friends... my family and my support. Every email, comment on myspace and all that jazz has kept me motivted and excited about what I'm doing. I hear it all the time how I am an "inspiration". I am nothing without Jesus. He gives me the excitement and passion to go and be something more than a statistic. The same God who ordained all these things before me has wonderful plans for your lives as well. Walking in light friends... something else that sounds really cliche but its totally correct...walking in this truth has led me to so many beautiful and amazing mornings and has put me to rest on so many peaceful, joyful nights. I love my life.

So what about you? Are you surrounding yourself with individuals that are rubbing off on you to become even more of a blessing to the world around you? I really hope so ... pray for those who bless you, and even those who don't... life's so much sweeter that way. :)

So much love to all of you...

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

This is My LIFE

Nehemiah 8:10

Nehemiah said, "Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is sacred to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength."

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Week 5

Wow. I don’t even know where to start with this one. The week was going kind of slow but then today happened. Can you imagine leading worship in a foreign language to a sea of thousands of beautiful brown skinned seeking people? I had the privelage of lading a song that me and Scott just wrote by fluke last week. It was awesome. Mary and Heather led out with me and we had a group of nationals help us out while Brother Humphrey played. Itn was awesome. It was such a simple progression and such simple words but it was powerful and even though singing in English was kind of weird because they didn’t really sing along… it was still cool because how many times in my ife will I get to worship with 3,000 Tanzanians. So awesome.

This all went down at the crusade and then there was more music, and more music. Brother Humphrey tore it up. Okay so here are a few things you don’t see at your average American revival… or any where in America for that matter.

1. Worship in Tanz: A sea of people dancing and singin as if it were the thing to do during praise and worship. They do not hold back! It is awesome… They jump around and move side to side and do kicks and dips and claps… It is incredible how much fun they have without holding back. Its like Jesus reggae music. Its so fun. Its my favorite part of church in Tan. And in this culture dancing is not really lustful so that knocks off all nervousness around the people because moving your hips and getting your wiggle on is all good in this hood! Pure fun!

2. African Midget musical phenomena’s: Okay so there’s this Christian Tanzanian worship team that includes one main guy, a couple girls for back up and they’re main act: 3 African midgets! They are amazing. The first night of the crusade when they came out the crown rushed the stage… almost like a Selena concert. I heard it was crazy. They’re like the hype of the town around here.

3. Me and Becca as celebrities: So the children crowd around me as if I had something to give them? They grab onto me and hold on tight! They sing to me out of no where conjuring up ever ounce of English they can find in they’re little Swahili vocabulary. When we pull up in our land cruisers they climb onto them and look inside just to see us. When we leave they run after the cars… even while getting in the cars they yell out their “I love you’s!” and “Ill see you towmorrow’s” and its awesome…. I want to bring them all home, but I know that’s not possible. Imagine just standing somewhere minding your own business and 60 kids are all of a sudden swamped around you as if they were waiting for you to do something. Its as if the children’s church comes to you. Having lighter skin already gives you favor with the kids here.

Of course all of the thunder gets stolen when Peter and his friend “Gomez” roll up on their dirtbikes. Then they swmp them… but th little Tanzanian girls don’t care much for piki pikis so they stick by us wazungu women. So Peters friend Gomez is quite the mixture as well… his mom if half Tanzanian and half german and his father is german. He is full blooded beautiful. I don’t know if I have ever seen such an intriguing person in Tanzania yet… well, beside this woman Rebecca from our church her. Her fathers Jamaican and her mothers English. Shes fromt the U,K and shes to die for…. Like the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen (besides Deb Mapes… shes pretty hot. They say I resemble her… hmm?) . She speaks so beautifully too. English accent and all. Well, Gomez’s real name is Ngomi.. Peter named him Gomez… they’ve been friends since 84. Dang! I was -1! Whoops! He’s a really nice guy with a nice sense of humor and he cleans up well too. We all cleaned up for indo tonight… all the girls went out and Peter treated us to dinner and to the presence of our new friend Ngomi… one HUGE problem… Hes not on the J-train. L He goes to church and says he’s a believer but his lifestyle begs to differ… I may be a missionary, but I aint nobodys missionary dater! Ya feel me? Well, he’s gonna be hanging out with us a little bit when Peter leaves to Damascus on Saturday so I’m sure my Jesus will rub off on him and he’ll hop on. But I have no intention on living in Africa for the rest of my golden days so it’s a good thing white men raised in Tanzania find American women as prized possessions… Peter KNOWS Marys a gem! Once you find a city girl… you cant let her go! So if I do marry a white African or in his case “mixed”, he’ll be comin to the motha land… America… land of the fat and home of the shallow… lol… no I love our country but we do have to get our priorities in order… that’s a whole OTHER blog!

I better get to bed and have my quiet time… I only got 2 months to get this Amazon creature of the East African plains saved… lol. He’ll be coming to a potential wedding in December so you will all get to see firsthand… Now that I think about it… hes very Californian looking… most of us are mixed anyway so i bet he looks like a few people we know. I just haven’t seen my kind in a while so it was a nice treat. Lol… He likes girls who hunt so I don’t know…. I may not be his type.. I don’t kill innocent zebras and lions for fun!!!! But dang, he’s loaded… he works for a company that a lot of wazungu support… I aint saying I’m a gold digga, but I ‘aint messin’ with no broke… you know what. lol