Thursday, September 24, 2009

my sunny disposition.

i don't really have a schlep of poetic and prosey reasons why i'm in such a good place. i do have nuggets of joy and jungle jive that i've captured with my cellular device...

there are several moments every week when i just pause. selah. and sigh. so here we are... and here they are. and they still are.

take as much as you need and keep it simple. make it yours. love to live there.

she's on to her next venture in life, but she was hands down the cream of the bush street crop and she did leave behind this gift of love and labor. she had to take all these screws out by hand to get her own hawaiin imagery in there. what a lady. joy.

be creative all the time. if not every day. even thank you notes can get sticky paste on your fingers and there's nothing like that. using your imagination and expensive paper goods is medicine for the soul.

like where you work. and work hard at it. and if there's down time, name all the machinery. get to know your workplace and it's quirks and quibbles. the whole world will be better for it.

that's maui. and a piano. and the living room of my second workplace and favorite 2 year old naomi. she's made so much progress on the instrument too. and she learned how to say water. good times.

i bent down to restock water and ended up squatting for a good 32 seconds. things are still beautiful even behind bars. and your thighs will thank you for the stretch. {i wasn't in prison... just working... which maybe's grown up prison, depends how you're looking at it i suppose... the bars or the clouds in the sky?}

from right to left, these are my friends e-train (he's british and his mother land name is etienne) nicki, and rhythm on drums. go figure. they are lovely musicians who form a band called dropjoy. it's as if tracy chapman and blink 182 had a love child. and there they were. they believe in community and singing loud and playing rock and roll and bringing the entire audience on the stage to jump around and sing songs about love. plus the show was free. {it was @ the bitterend on 5
th and G street and i'm playing there october 1}.

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