Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Donald Miller in Chapel Today

So there he was. In the flesh. I felt like I should close my eyes and pretend that I was reading what he was saying to me because he speaks exactly how he writes: with humor, with his foot in his mouth frequently, with passion, with "this is so simple, why dont we know this and do this" in his tone.

I was a bit star struck but that quickly faded away with each human word he spoke in that short, 30 minute time period. Actually, I kind of like that the speakers only get 30 minutes to speak in chapel... It's a small dose of some thing amazing... like eating fudge. Could we really eat an entire peice of fudge if it were the same size as a big gooey brownie covered in chocolate syrup with walnuts and vanilla icecream on the bottom. Well, we might be able to, but would we want to?

I walked away from it all today with that "I'm being challenged" feeling. The same feeling I get when I read Miller. And as I got up out of my seat and walked out of Brown today I thought to myself... this is what it felt like when I turned the last page of Blue Like Jazz and then found myself in belief that if I kept turning and flipping the book over and back again more pages would suddenly appear. But that's the thing. I always want to listen more and read more of things that are fufilling and challenging, when in reality, the purpose of those very revolutionary memoirs are to CHALLENGE me to not sit around and ponder about progression. They are the very call to be the progression... to "write a story every day with my life"... to live out a phenomenal screenplay with characters, conflicts, highs and lows and make it worthwhile, so that if anyone were to sit in on it as if it were a movie they wouldn't get up and leave... as if Jesus were watching it and saying..."shutup... this is the best part bluhd!" haha... i want to be His best peice yet... to entertain angels. Life is a dance toward God...I'm jus trynna move.

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