Thursday, March 15, 2007

A Day Like Today

After an amazing morning... and when I say amazing I'm over exaggerating a tad because amazing in my eyes has been reduced to not sleeping through my first class, and reading a chapter of the Bible before walking out the door... like I was saying, after an amazing morning of cocoa pebbles and Queen Esther I found myself in the dungeon of the library listening to tales about tax policy and interestingly intrigued.

There's a peculiar girl in my class that is also on the team I'm studying with in South Africa this summer. Banana and I have a quaint friendship, the kind you would have with a giggly, across the street neighbor or a second cousin or something. I seem to be hilarious to her. And she is outstandingly adorable and is always smiling. She's honest and odd and today we were matching nearly from head to toe. I always see her at the strangest times of my day and shes a breath of fresh air.

I felt the need to talk about her because she made me smile on numerous occasions this random Thursday and in case I forget about her in the future I'm hoping this will remind me. I also went to Africa care group... Dr Jamie Gates puts on these random lunches and dinners for people who have an interest and passion in Africa and get bored with our tiny little American lives and need to reach out to the bigger picture or something like that. It's always fun and I always meet people I know and like... today this dude named Brian was there. He lives in the Congo. He lives in the Congo alone. He's white. I give him mad daps for being white and living in the Congo alone. He's trying to change the world through micro-finance. That just means he wants to help stop poverty by providing resources for people with no food or money so they dont have to sell crack or sacrifice their first born and stuff like that. I think that's really rad of this Brian guy to be so socially aware. He's bulding Global Community. That's a movement that requires a blog of its own. Google it if you'd like.

Now I'm sitting here and my lower back hurts. Must be ovulation. Everything inside of me says get up and go excercise. I even have my workout clothes on already. But... I don't feel like it. Why don't I ever feel like it. One day if I break my leg I'm gonna think back on moments like this and kick myself (with the leg thats not already broken) because there's no reason for me not to feel like it. I'm just being lazy.

God, help me not to be so effing lazy. AHH! I think it's a spirit. Like an evil one sabotagind any potnetial in me to be thin and gorgeous one day. Yup... I'm gonna roll with that one.

I'll let you know tomorrow whether or not I actually made it to the gym.

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