Monday, October 18, 2010

you're projecting on me.

don miller wrote an interesting article about the danger of projecting our identities. it's called "the danger of projecting our identities." it made me think about what my friends think of me and what my enemy thinks of me and what Jesus thinks of me. here are some nuggets i took from the article... but you can read the full length here. there's lots of gold on d. millers site. his blogs, his writers collective. plenty of strong voices talking about interesting things.

God, at heavens gate, is not going to look around to ask your church friends whether or not He should let you in. Religious leadership may want you to believe this, because, for the worse, they want to have control over you, and perhaps for the better though of no help, they want to trick you into being a good person, but either way their agency is false and has no power. If God looks at you and finds Christ, you’re fine, no matter what your friends say about you.

* * *

What’s sad about projecting an identity is our obsession with the process keeps us from discovering who we really are. We like certain things because we will be approved of if we do, not because something about how we were created responds to them. Who knows who I am, what I like, what moves me...

* * *

...And the next time you try to impress God with your worship, count it as heresy. He isn’t impressed. If you’re grateful for what He’s done, thank Him and try to help others. That’s all He asks. And even that is not required, or else grace would be conditional.

* * *

P.S. Projecting an identity that you are not projecting an identity is the same trap. A true security in Christ involves no projection at all, just honest living and a grateful heart. And nurses shoes.

End Quote.

Thanks Donald Miller for telling the truth and making me feel like a piece of poop.

Now I'm projecting a victim. We can't win...

But we can be grateful and move through the herd not expecting entitlement to the front.

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