Friday, September 05, 2008

why i dissapeared

the blogs abruptly stopped on day 4. i know you were all waiting in anticipation. there were some discrepencies in... well... my life... that i had to deal with. the following events occured... and that is why i dissapeared. and it's just too good a story to tell in one blog so here are the elements... we will get to the story later.

*i got locked out of my friends brooklyn apt.
*i left my phone in said brooklyn apt.
*i had a pizza i didn't want
*i couldn't find a homeless person to give it to
*i did however find a drunkard and his small child
*i gave the drunk a pizza and kinapped his child
*me and said 4 year old little girl kicked it at a random bar
*then at the 72 Brooklyn pricinct
*she got sent away.
*i got dropped off at the bar
*still locked out
*faught with my host
*back at bar with luggage
*took ride to penn station from bar tender lady at 345 am
*ended up in beautiful d.c. with chris duck and justin wright
*came back home and britta and mayra nursed me back to life
*attached art to this here blog is the bar napkin work of said 4 year old kidnapped child

it's been a long week. i'll get into the nitty gritty of how God uses our feeble, over-organized schedules to do God's will, become uncomfortable in our faith and make big moves in this loco kingdom.


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