Saturday, May 24, 2008


so lately my love song to the lord has been along the lines of "fix me, fix him, fix us... help me help him help her what's next?!... will this work out? where will i be? where can i go? what can i do?"
i've been worrying a lot about the future lately... which i suppose is a bit normal for us almost college grads.

good 'ol oswald said so gracefully that jesus' word to his disciples was abandon . can i have it? can i have your word jesus? can i do this abandon thing? abandon fear and pride and worrying and remember that there is none of that in pure true worship like love.

in the meantime i'll just keep taking pictures of pianos in old bay area churches and coloring them with my thoughts... love songs pull on my heart strings.thankyou old church for being beautiful. thankyou piano for making so much noise. thankyou over exposure for making pictures more intense and thankyou oz for making jesus' words more vivid to me and all my little love songs.

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