Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Camping in the Massai Village!

Once upon a time, there was a group of interns and the "Mama Intern" (Mary Navarro!) in Tanzania. We decided to go on a camping trip in the Massai village last weekend. So we loaded up the dala dala and headed out! An hour later we passed the witch doctors house and entered into the Massai outskirts!
" How many interns does it take to set up a one man tent?"John asked. So far it had taken all of them!

They later saw that one tent for all seven interns and a national would never work! So Rebecca to the rescue!

Bucky came and saved the day! She put up all the other tents and we would be able to sleep in peace! (not based on factual events)

So the boys had their space...

And the girls had theirs... (from T 2 B, L 2 R: Rebecca, Heather, Gaudy, Mary, Deborah aka "Debo", Me and Dennae.

So we played with the kids... jump rope has become the popular favorite. And the kids had a blast... and so did the interns. We had also done our ministry presentation earlier in the day. (David and Goliath and the "you are able with God's strength" message)

And then... Pastor Longita (the host pastor in the village we stayed at) led a group of children in a Massai kid v.s. Moshi Kid tug-o-war contest! It was awesome!!!! :P

Then me and Christian aka Naitwa eloped in a tribal hut outside the water hole and adopted a Massai child... and we all lived happily ever after. Pole mom! (lol no, not really, I could never elope on the internship!)

Random Cool Moments!

"We don't play... We quit school cuz of recess..."

and Heaven came down... here's the view from our tents right before sunset... hecka awesome.

Becky on time out... pole dada (poe-lay dah dah: too bad... so sorry)... :P

and then... the dala broke down on the side of the road!!! shoulda been a... lol... thought you knew!

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